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Our Mission Statement

Hi! We are Sweet Sisters Vegan!

We started out as a couple of friends whom have had trouble finding products that meet our medical or ethical needs. One friend is vegan, one limited on what she can use due to allergies. Both have sensitive skin and one has eczema.

Both of us decided that it would be easier (and more fun!) to experiment with making our own beauty products. After a while of experimenting  (and getting positive feedback from friends and family for their homemade goodies), we decided to see if anyone else would like to try our products.

Sweet Sisters Vegan is committed to honesty and integrity, which we believe every single business needs in order to succeed. We are currently a business of 2 owners who make joint decisions in everything and will take into account our customers’ feedback. If you would like to reach out to us we can be found at

We currently make items such as: lip balm, body powder, and soaps, but we are always experimenting and will continue to add new products as they pass our quality tests, and get some positive feedback from everyone we share it with.


We accept these payment options: Paypal.

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