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Our Inspirations – Part 2


Inspiration. It’s a word with so much meaning that it would be hard to describe it. It is much like passion which consumes our thoughts and takes over our very lives. Even the definition cannot do it justice. After all, the quality and state of being inspired still has the word in it. Saying what inspiration actually is seems a bit pointless to me, so instead I will tell you where I get my inspiration from, regardless of what the definition says.

I work in a place where inspiration is sometimes hard to come by. I have no windows and the harsh fluorescent lights does this place no favors. The one thing I do currently have is a partly painted wall. It is green, like the green you would find on a ripe lime. It is not quite the correct color to gain inspiration from, but it is all I have during my time at my day job.

So, what about this green wall that gives me passion? It reminds me of the outside. I love the color green. After all, green is life. It is the color of grass, leaves, stems, and all sorts of natural things. Nature at its very essence is my inspiration. Give me a cool autumn afternoon with not a cloud in the sky. The wind is sharp with the scent of winter on the way, but the sun is warm and is the perfect weather for the lightest of cardigans.

Nature lends itself to mystery and to magic. I have stood in the forest next to what looks like ruins and have felt my mind open to so many possibilities. I have taken midnight strolls through a local park and have felt a niggle of promise in every step. Nature is where passion gains its wings like fairies as it flits about whispering into ears that are willing to listen.

Nature also gives us a bountiful harvest. It is where food comes from and even that can draw inspiration and passion. It is my belief that nature is at the center of everything. Without it we would not be here and if we were our imaginations would be dull and lifeless.

“The Breakfast Bar” is one such inspiration that is drawn from food. It’s oat overtones mixed with warm cinnamon is an inspiration taken from a simple breakfast and this video which gave me the idea.

My “Midnight Encounter” soap is also taken directly from food as it is filled with rich, fatty cocoa powder along with the detox effect of activated charcoal.

One scent that I have been trying to recreate from the images of my mind is “Roses in a Midnight Graveyard”. Morbid? Yes. However, it is still fascinating where my mind can go and I do like following it, so please bear with me.

Close your eyes and picture this. The smell of roses hangs fragrant in the air. Their smell is almost overpowering. Trees linger on the edge of a plot of stones, their scent so faint as to be almost non-existent. Cold stones can barely be seen from the light of the stars as the moon turns her face away, shedding no light. Each slow step you take forward brings another smell. Damp earth from an earlier rain shower can now be smelt. The wind plays with your clothes, beckoning you forward while underneath all of that is the scent of something almost foul, or perhaps sickly sweet, maybe even putrefying, so faint you can’t trace it. Can you feel that? Now open your eyes.

That is the kind of scent I aspire to create. Something that takes you somewhere and makes you feel something. It might not be something you want to feel, but it is a visceral reaction to the stimuli of scent.

Nature is the gateway to everything for me. It is my ultimate inspiration and as I grow mentally and even as I travel it will always be with me. I will always be inspired and I am ever so joyful about that. After all, it can change lives, move mountains, and even create miracles. And it all comes back to a partly painted wall which started it all.

If any of what we’ve said has resonated with you, then please reach out and contact us, or buy something from our store. That will be inspiring in and of itself, and even if it isn’t, it will help us to continue making things that we love and have a passion for. Your support will help us change the world, one bar at a time. Thank you.

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