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Hi! We are Sweet Sisters Vegan!Sweet Sisters Vegan

We started out as a couple of friends whom have had trouble finding products that meet our medical or ethical needs. One friend is vegan, one limited on what she can use due to allergies. Both have sensitive skin and one has eczema.

Both of us decided that it would be easier (and more fun!) to experiment with making our own beauty products. After a while of experimenting  (and getting positive feedback from friends and family for their homemade goodies), we decided to see if anyone else would like to try our products.

We currently make items such as: lip balm, body powder, and soaps, but we are always experimenting and will continue to add new products as they pass our quality tests, and get some positive feedback from everyone we share it with.

Sweet Sisters Vegan is committed to honesty and integrity, which we believe every single business needs in order to succeed. We are currently a business of 2 owners who make joint decisions in everything and will take into account our customers’ feedback. If you would like to reach out to us we can be found at sweetsistersvegan@gmail.com.

Hi! My name is Carrie Ann. Nice to meet you! I am a full time working mother of 3, a college graduate, and Best Friend to Michelle (love you sis!) I enjoy reading (anyway I can), spending time with my family, and playing video games with my husband. As you can tell, I lead a busy life (as any mom does). But some of the best time I have, is when I find some time to go see Michelle and work on our favorite hobby, creating wonderful things! I hope that you enjoy using these wonderful items as much as we have fun making them! Carrie Ann

I met Michelle at work (sometimes a necessary evil, but I tend to find some good friends this way), and once I got to know her, was very interested in learning about what being vegan means. Being vegan means different things to different people, but is defined as “… a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

This intrigued me, I must admit. While I am not vegan, one of the best things that Michelle helped me discover is: knowing what I put into, and use on, my body does make a BIG difference. I started to eat healthier, as well as looking at what I use on my body for cleaning.

As a result of her input (as well as a few presents which I really enjoyed), we decided to play around with creating something that we can both use, that will not aggravate my allergies. Not only was it more cost effective to make it ourselves, it was something fun we can do together. This lead to us experimenting with our lip balms and soaps. We got such wonderful feedback from the friends and family we have gifted these items to, that now we want to share the joys (and some whoops) of our fun time together!

May you enjoy pampering yourself (or your spouse, mother, and any other family member you can think of!) with our fun little experiments!

*Waves* Hi, there. My name’s Michelle, and it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m a dreamer, a wisher, a thinker, and an all around head in the clouds kind of girl, even if those clouds are like black, angry cotton crying on the world. I love reading, playing video games, and listening to music.

Up until I met Carrie Ann (you’re the best, sis!) I would have called myself an introvert’s introvert. I would go days as a Michellefunctioning mute and would have loved to spend weeks at a time by myself. Not so much anymore. It still surprises me that we’ve only known each other for like, less than a year at this point (Spring 2019).

I met her when we worked together. Yes, I do still have a day job, which is a bummer, but I will survive. She has this bubbly personality and it felt like a lost piece of myself had come home. I began to talk more, be more expressive, and find happiness while still being around other people. I totally would still like to spend most of my time either by myself or with her. I can’t change my spots that much!

I am also a vegan. This means that a lot of items are off the market for me, including things like most soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Also, have you read the ingredients on those? Yikes!

I started experimenting with handmade soaps and shampoos several years ago. My first batch didn’t turn out so great. It worked fine, I just had no clue how much rolled oats I needed for the batch I was making. The shampoos were failures and I’ve since gone a different track for cleaning my hair.

The thing that I probably made the most often was lip balm. I found a recipe I really loved and with a little tweaking I had something that just about everyone in my family wanted. It was suggested to me to turn this little thing into a business, but I didn’t really listen. Besides, I had no clue how to even set up a shop let alone all the paperwork that needs to go into one.

I’m not sure how Carrie and I ended up on a discussion of my homemade stuff, but we did and I gave her some to try out. Things grew from there and now we have a pretty good looking tree. I found that she had an eye for logistics and numbers and we both became invested in giving other people what we wanted in a beauty product.

There have been bumps, and a few whoops moments, along the way, but here we are! It’s a small start to something that I believe will be big and fantastic and amazing! So, welcome to our site, and I hope you enjoy your stay.




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